• Demir Romance, love of Istanbul

    Demir Romance is opening the doors to an ultra-luxurious life at the center of Beylikdüzü and providing you the comfort ofyour dreams with the smart home system implemented in each flat.

    In the Smart Home System that will be introduced in the Demir Romance Project all technologies will be used that will facilitate the daily lives of the flat owners. You will be able to control the lamps, the cooker, the oven, the curtains, the front door and the heating and cooling systems at home from your phone or tablet pc that has this system with a single touch. Those who choose to live in Demir Romance will be able to view their cars in the car park or their children playing in the park or the pool from their homes.

    The construction of the Demir Romance project has started in 2013 and it will be completed in 2015.

    Demir Romance has a building area of 170 thousand square meters and it will consist of 776 residences, 28 villas and 60 commercial units. There are flat options ranging from 1+1 to 4.5+1 and 28 villas in the project. There will also be sports, health and shopping centers equipped with the latest technology, and entertainment and commercial units that will meet all your needs.

    Demir Romance is already a candidate to become the center of attraction in the region and it will be offering not only comfort but also a very secure living space in the most central location of Beylikdüzü. The project will change the housing notion in the region and raise the life standards, professionally combining technology and social living spaces.

    The gross size of the land is 37 thousand square meters in the Demir Romance Project and the area left for the social club is 5 thousand 141 square meters while the total of green fields is 22 thousand square meters. Demir Romance Project residents will feel that they are living in nature, fulfilling their longing for green spaces. In this project where comfort, peace and safety are combined, the site residents will feel privileged with the matchless landscape architecture, the decorative bridges on the pools, the waterfalls and the walking tracks.

    In RomanceClub, the social club of Demir Romance, there will be outdoor and indoor pools, two tennis courts, a basketball field, squash, dance training center, SPA center with Turkish bath, sauna, cold shower and steam room, fitness and dietician service and a billiard hall. Again atailor, beauty salon for men and women, amphitheater, cinevision, playrooms and dry cleaning will meet all the needs of the Demir Romance residents.

    Children have not been forgotten about; there is a kiddy pool, children’s park, playgrounds, school bus waiting room and a kindergarten in the project. Again the meeting rooms and the lounges where you could organize meetings or birthday parties are also part of the project.

    In the Smart Home System to be implemented in Demir Romance you can control all the lights, the heating-cooling, the curtains, the alarm and audio systems with the touchscreen smart home menu and achieve significant energy saving and reach daily cleaning services, spa, valet, the taxi, the plumber and the health services with a single touch and this comfort will be an indispensable in your life. Those who choose to live in Demir Romance will be able to view their cars in the car park or their children playing in the park or the pool from their home.